HD Doctor for Hitachi

HD Doctor for Hitachi 4.40

Attempts to repair Hitachi hard-disks using professional tools
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4.40 (See all)
SalvationDATA Technologies

Scans and fixes Hitachi's firmware that has been corrupted. Intelligently scans the sectors and clusters as well as the data chips for possible firmware errors. Supports Hitachi HDDs including Deskstar family, Hitachi 7250, KLSA, VLSA, GLA3, 4250, 7232, and 7K1000.B (SLA3).

HD Doctor for Hitachi is one professional HDD repair hardware tool originally manufactured by SalvationDATA to handle Hitachi hard drive firmware corruption, repair bad sectors, initialize DDD, etc. It’s so far the most competitive Hitachi HDD repair tool supporting different Hitachi HDD families, including Deskstar, Hitachi 7250, KLSA,VLSA,GLA3, 4250, 7232,7K1000.B (SLA3), etc.

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